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How often should you see your dentist?

How often should I be coming here? This is a question we hear frequently in the dentist office. Unfortunately insurance companies, not the dentist, have decided that the average patient should receive two cleanings and exams a year. Not everyone falls into this middle range. (It should be noted that most insurance companies will allow an additional cleaning and exam during a year the patient is pregnant). The Wall Street Journal article below goes into more detail. Not sure where you fall on the spectrum? Visit your dentist to discuss this matter.


New Years Resolutions to Make You Smile


What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Don’t have one? Here are some Dental-Friendly suggestions:

    1. Quit smoking and using tobacco products

    2. Substitute water for soda and energy drinks

    3. Chew sugarless gum

    4. Floss once a day

    5. Brush twice a day for two minutes each time.

    6. See your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams

Here are some tips from the American Psychological Association (http://www.apa.org/index.aspx) to help you stick to your goals and resolutions:

Start small 

Make resolutions that you think you can keep. If, for example, your aim is to exercise more frequently, schedule three or four days a week at the gym instead of seven. If you would like to eat healthier, try replacing dessert with something else you enjoy, like fruit or yogurt, instead of seeing your diet as a form of punishment.

Change one behavior at a time

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