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Root Canal Animation

Below is an animation showing one technique to perform root canal therapy. Teeth typically require endodontic therapy if the nerve or pulp has become infected or inflammed. This can happen for a variety of reasons – tooth decay, injury or a cracked tooth.

Who Was Your Valentine This Year?

We love our patients! Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day 2016.



These were made by one of our young artistic patients!



Thumb Sucking


14,000-year-old tooth

14,000-Year-Old Tooth Shows Oldest Form of Dentistry – Pretty Grim

David Letterman Goes To The Dentist

In honor of Dave’s retirement last Wednesday…

YouTube – David Letterman Goes to Dentist

Dental Dreams


Other Dental Related Dreams and their meanings (however unfortunate they may be to our profession):

Dentist   –   If you dream of being at the dentist, you doubt the sincerity and honor of some person.

Dental Appointment  –  Dreaming of a being at the dentist, since the emphasis is on the mouth, may signify that we are having difficulty in articulating our own spiritual truth – that in which we believe.

Cavity  –  To dream of getting a cavity in your tooth is sometimes a warning that your health is at risk.

Dentures  –  To dream of wearing dentures represents false or self-destructive motives.

Floss  –  To dream of using dental floss is a warning of false friends in your close circle.

Toothbrush  –  To brush your teeth, foretells that some great struggle will be demanded of you in order to preserve your fortune.

If you see a friend brushing their teeth, it may be a warning that your friend has been talking against you. Or, you might be feeling paranoid about how good a friend they really are to you.