“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice when I was visiting the Burgh! The sensitive tooth has settled down and I appreciate that you encouraged me to watchfully wait before doing anything further. I trust your judgement and it’s great having a dentist that doesn’t immediately want to do a procedure! Your new …

Mercedes Navarro

Dr. Alison T king is the best doctor who I met in Pittsburgh. She is patient and helpful.

Ma Tab

“I’ve moved from Pittsburgh to Austin to Tampa and I still will go here anytime I’m in town… That is how much I love these dentists!”

Jillian Piesco

“Excellent service and a well trained, attentive staff. My teeth are cleaner than they’ve ever been. Typically I don’t enjoy going to the dentist but Bittner King Dental made it a pleasant experience. I highly recommend and will continue going there for years to come. My only complaint is they did away with the toy …

Josh Matz

After not being to the dentist in years, Dr. King was very helpful and went over all of the things that I needed to get done in detail. Dr. King made sure I was comfortable both before the procedures and during them, and never felt a thing. It was also great that Dr. King was …

Brandon W.

“The best!”

Nick Piesco